At breakfast, at noon or at dinner time, take advantage of our different spaces in the dining room, terrace or roof top. In a friendly and luxurious setting... a clever balance between European and African cuisine, for a business meal or with friends.

Our Menu

  • Salade à l'émincée de poulet confit
    95 000 GNF
    Sweet and sour sautéed with orange
    Salade à l'émincée de calamars
    80 000 GNF
    Pepper, onion, parsley, Provence herbs
    Salade de Gambas aux agrumes du pays
    85 000 GNF
    Orange and grapefruit julienne, carrot, tomato, vinegar, citrus
    Milles feuilles de légumes au balsamique
    65 000 GNF
    Mozzarella, Tomato, Eggplant, zucchini, pepper, onion
  • Entrecôte de Boeuf
    170 000 GNF
    Grilled, Roquefort sauce, with an oven-baked potato en papillote and fresh green beans
    Filet de Boeuf
    180 000 GNF
    With crushed pepper sauce, potato gratin and grilled fresh vegetables
    Côte de Boeuf
    250 000 GNF
    With old-fashioned mustard sauce with provincial herbs, grilled corn, rustic oven fries and fleur de sel
    Afro fusion de la mama
    200 000 GNF
    Millet semolina and beef stew with African spices
  • Brique de merou croustillant
    190 000 GNF
    Baked grouper steak on a brick sheet, colored with tarragon cream and long grain white rice
    Brochette Océano
    170 000 GNF
    Monkfish fillet cut into cubes, prawns marinated in the traditional way
    Darne de barracuda sur grille
    160 000 GNF
    With fine herbs, with old-fashioned mash and grilled vegetables, flavored with virgin olive oil
    Thiof braisé au gingembre (200 gr)
    150 000 GNF
    Braised, topped with ginger cream and rice with sautéed vegetables
    Commandos du pays
    250 000 GNF
    Grilled, with finely saframé olive oil, and a mix of grilled vegetables on a bed of white rice
    Afro fusion calebasse du pêcheur
    190 000 GNF
    Braised long grain rice flavored with folèrè, prawns and seafood mix
  • Escalope de poulet
    170 000 GNF
    Grilled on a plate, mushroom cream supreme with rice and a jardiniere of fresh vegetables
    Volaille au four en papillote
    150 000 GNF
    Boneless chicken thigh stuffed with fine herbs and homemade ratatouille
    Afrofusion du fermier
    160 000 GNF
  • Spaghetti boucanier
    170 000 GNF
    Shrimps, squid, mussels, smoked fish with tomato and sour cream
    Penne à la crème de curry
    165 000 GNF
    Sliced chicken, onion, curry cream
    Spaghettis aux boulettes de boeuf provençal
    90 000 GNF
    Simmered tomato sauce, onions, garlic, Provence herbs
    Tagliatelles au pestou
    90 000 GNF
    Fresh chopped basil, peanuts, cheese, olive oil
  • Margarita
    80 000 GNF
    Tomato sauce, cheese, oregano
    70 000 GNF
    Tomato sauce, ham, cheese, mushrooms, oregano
    110 000 GNF
    Tomato sauce, shrimps, konkoué, cheese
    90 000 GNF
    Tomato sauce, pepper, onion, mushrooms
  • Fondant au chocolat au coeur de caramel salé
    90 000 GNF
    With custard and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
    Tartelette crème de citron
    75 000 GNF
    And its caramelized zest
    Tarte fine aux Pommes
    70 000 GNF
    Crème Brulée à la vanille
    60 000 GNF
    Crème caramel
    60 000 GNF
    Assiette de fruits de saison
    45 000 GNF
  • Enjaillement
    250 000 GNF
    Starter, main course and dessert
    C'est doux dhé!
    200 000 GNF
    Starter, or dessert and main course
    These two formulas are only offered in the afternoons from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays. To choose from our selection.
All our meats can also be served with a sauce: Roquefort sauce, crushed pepper sauce, old-fashioned mustard sauce, mushroom cream supreme.
And a garnish of your choice: baked potato en papillote, rustic oven fries, potato gratin, grilled corn, grilled fresh vegetables, homemade ratatouille, fresh green beans.